‘Quotable’ NC Captain Son “I’ve run out of words”

‘Quotable’ NC Captain Son “I’ve run out of words”

“They’ve been pushing me since the end of the season…”

The fall of the KBO NC is deepening. After defeating Doosan in the wild card deciding game, they moved to Incheon and cruised. They took the first game of the semi-playoffs (best-of-five, best-of-three) against SSG to gain an advantage. They have no intention of stopping. They have the momentum to go all the way to the upset.

‘Captain’ Son Ah-seop has a smile on his face. As the captain of the Dinosaur Legion, he leads NC, one of the league’s top “young teams.” “I want to show that I, as the most senior player, am relaxed, otherwise the juniors might get agitated,” he said of his approach to fall baseball.먹튀검증

That’s why he doesn’t hold separate team meetings. However, there is one time when he does show his true colors. Just before the play ball is called, the team huddles in the dugout for a pep talk. His quotes from the regular season have continued into the fall.

“We have nothing to lose” and “Let’s go get the money, let’s go get the bonus,” he said in the wild-card game. In the first round of the Semi-Finals, he said things like “The universe is on our side” and “Believe in yourself and start enjoying today.”

It will be interesting to see what he has to say in the second round of the Quarterfinals. “We used to take turns during the regular season, but they kept pushing me towards the end of the season, so I ran out of words,” he laughed. “We used to say during the season, ‘If you’re tired, you lose. But when we’re crazy, we win. Today, we’re crazy.” As for the expectations of the quote, he said, “I’ll probably use that one again. I’m watching the timing. I didn’t have to do anything, but it worked out.” He said, drawing laughter from everyone.

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