Xmas match after 27 years?…Chelsea fans furious “This is a riot!”

Xmas match after 27 years?…Chelsea fans furious “This is a riot!”

For the first time in 27 years, since 1995, the possibility of a Premier League match being played on Christmas Eve has been raised.

It’s easy to think of it as a ‘Christmas present’, but it’s also a ‘disaster’ for local fans. They would have to give up their Christmas vacation to cheer on their team.

According to a report in the UK’s Daily Mail on Nov. 21 (KST), the potential match is the 18th round of the 2023/24 English Premier League between Chelsea and Wolverhampton Wanderers, where Hwang Hee-chan plays.

The match was originally scheduled to take place on the 23rd (local time), but may be pushed back due to issues with local broadcasters.

Currently, Premier League matches are played every Saturday and Sunday, but depending on the fixture schedule, matches can also be played on Friday and Monday nights. This year, Christmas falls on a Monday, which means that Chelsea’s game against Wolves on Saturday, December 23, could be pushed back to Sunday, December 24.토스카지노

“It will be the first time in 27 years that an English Premier League match has been played on Christmas Eve since 1995,” according to the Daily Mail, “with games usually being played on the weekend before Christmas, Boxing Day, or New Year’s Eve.” That’s right, no games on major holidays.

The Daily Mail quoted Mark Meehan, chairman of the Chelsea Supporters’ Association, as saying that “the possibility that the game could be postponed has fans furious.”

“There hasn’t been a game on Christmas Eve in the last 27 years,” Meehan told Mail Sport, the sports arm of the Daily Mirror, “and the possibility is very concerning.” “This decision is unacceptable and a spit in the face of the fans,” he said.

Chelsea fans were also furious. This is because the match against Wolves is an away game. The match will take place at Molineux Stadium, home of Wolverhampton.

Chelsea fans have to give up their Christmas vacation to travel to support their team. Fans are upset that they have to travel to an away game on Christmas Eve, when they usually spend time with their families and reflect on the year.

According to the Daily Mail, one fan said: “From what I’m hearing in the Wolverhampton area, there could be a game on Christmas Eve. “This is very unfair to the fans, especially the away fans. They should be able to spend Christmas with their families,” he wrote to the broadcaster and league office.

“It’s not even a joke,” said another fan, adding, “If it really happened (the game being played on Sunday), I would riot, it’s not going to happen (the move).”

He added: “Football has been taken over by money. They don’t take the fans into account. People want to spend Christmas with their families. Are you kidding me!” and many more negative responses.

In response to the possibility, the Premier League’s secretariat said it would finalize plans for the end-of-year games by the end of October.

Meanwhile, the last Premier League game played on Christmas Eve in 1995 was the “Rose Derby” between Leeds United and Manchester United, which Leeds won 3-1.

Photo via Yonhap, Daily Mail

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