Lee Dae-ho “Lotte No. 4 is Han Dong-hee, I will change it”

Lee Dae-ho “Lotte No. 4 is Han Dong-hee, I will change it”

‘Joseon’s No. 4 hitter’ Lee Dae-ho (formerly of Lotte and Eun-jeol) expressed his disappointment that Han Dong-hee, who has been touted as his successor, has struggled all season.

Lee Dae-ho and Han Dong-hee. Courtesy of Lotte Giants
Lee Dae-ho said on his YouTube channel on April 14 that Han Dong-hee has a lot of potential to improve, saying, “I think I should change her after this season. I will raise her.”

Lee Dae-ho called Han Dong-hee a “sore finger. This is because the “post-Lee Dae-ho” Han Dong-hee, the first pick in the 2018 rookie draft, has struggled this season with a .218 batting average, five home runs, and 31 RBIs. “There is only one person who can take over the No. 4 spot for Lotte,” Lee Dae-ho said, analyzing, “(Han) Dong-hee is good when left alone, but her confidence seems to have dropped because she has been in and out of the game (repeatedly).”먹튀검증

Lee sees Han Dong-hee, along with Noh Si-hwan (Hanwha) and Kang Baek-ho (KT), as the future leaders of Korean baseball. This is because they are the best in terms of ‘power’. “It’s hard to find players like that in Korea. It’s just a matter of when they break out. In this year’s case, Noh Si-hwan broke out. As a senior, I hope she (Han Dong-hee) breaks out soon because once she gets a chance, she will go all the way. I’m sure she’ll do well,” he cheered.

Lee Dae-ho has shown great affection for Han Dong-hee, a “junior” from the same high school, since his playing days. At his retirement game in October last year, he said, “I’m leaving you, but I want you to be a hero for Lotte fans,” and didn’t hide his affection for her. To repay Lee’s faith in her, Han Dong-hee worked tirelessly to improve her batting form during the last Stobrigue. However, the result has been an ironically long slump, and he has struggled to break into the main lineup behind new foreign batsman Niko Goodrum.

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