“Son Heung-min is less tired because he didn’t play in the Champions League!” Klinsmann’s absurd remark sparks outrage in Britain

“Son Heung-min is less tired because he didn’t play in the Champions League!” Klinsmann’s absurd remark sparks outrage in Britain

Criticism is pouring in from England as well against manager Jurgen Klinsmann, who declared that there will be no adjustment in Son Heung-min’s (31, Tottenham) playing time.

The Korean national soccer team, led by Coach Klinsmann, will play the first match of the October evaluation against Tunisia at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 13th. Afterwards, the team will move to Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 17th and play the second match against Vietnam.

Son Heung-min boarded a plane to Korea immediately after finishing the game against Luton Town on the 7th. Son Heung-min, who arrived at Incheon Airport on the afternoon of the 8th, was called up to Paju NFC on the afternoon of the 9th without a break. There are definitely repercussions from the injury. After being excluded from group training from the first day, Son Heung-min devoted himself to recovery by riding a bicycle. He also failed to complete group training on the second day.

Coach Klinsmann recently made it clear that he has no intention of reducing the playing time of Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae, who are key players in their team’s strong march. Klinsmann said, “Son Heung-min will not be playing in the Champions League, so the physical burden will be less. When I joined the national team, I felt it was a special moment and privilege as a player. Even if I was a little tired, I wanted to play every minute. “For me, going to the national team was a vacation,” he said, adding ‘latte’.

Recently, Coach Postekoglou has been pampering Son Heung-min by adjusting his playing time. However, when Son Heung-min returned to the Korean national team, Klinsmann continued to declare that he would play ‘full time’ without rest. Klinsmann’s remarks have also spread to the UK and are having a huge impact.

‘Football London’ reported on the 10th, “Klinsmann said Son Heung-min would be less tired because he did not play in the Champions League. “Son Heung-min, who receives a weekly salary of 220,000 pounds (about 360 million won), cannot rest at all even if he returns to the Korean national team,” he pointed out.먹튀검증

Tottenham fans were extremely angry. How can Tottenham legend Klinsmann be so negligent in managing his junior Son Heung-min? If Son Heung-min’s condition worsens during the national team period, the upward trend of Tottenham, who are leading the Premier League, will also be stunted. Tottenham’s strikers are already injured one after another, making coach Postekoglou very sensitive.

Klinsmann, who personally monitored Son Heung-min in London and emphasized ‘communication’ with overseas clubs, is actually ‘not communicating’ with the national team.

Klinsmann said, “Of course, the health of the players comes first. Communication comes second. I constantly talk with the players. I also played for the German national team and my own team for 15 years. I do this all the time. Of course, Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae “They are special. But it will be good for them to come to Korea. I also care about the players,” he emphasized again.

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