Son Heung-min replaced Kane… Experts also praised it as “fantastic”

Son Heung-min replaced Kane… Experts also praised it as “fantastic”

The player who replaced Harry Kane is none other than Son Heung-min.

Kane’s departure was Tottenham Hotspur’s biggest concern ahead of this season. Kane has been playing an important role at Tottenham, playing as the team’s top scorer almost every season and taking responsibility for most of the team’s goals, as well as recently taking charge of playmaking. Tottenham fans were worried when they heard the news that Kane was suddenly leaving the team.

In addition, Tottenham had to prepare for other changes besides Kane’s departure. Tottenham appointed manager Enze Postekoglou prior to Kane’s transfer, and it was natural that the atmosphere was shaken when the team’s ace left before the system was established under manager Postekoglou. So Tottenham started the new season with concerns.

These concerns were unfounded. As of the end of the 8th round of the Premier League (PL), Tottenham is in first place in the league with 20 points. Coach Postekoglou transformed Tottenham into a completely different team in a short period of time. It appears that Kane’s gap, which was a cause for concern, has been completely filled.먹튀검증

At the center is Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min is playing as a front-line striker rather than a left-wing striker this season, and is playing an active role as the team’s main scorer. Son Heung-min, supported by his teammates, displayed his outstanding goal-scoring ability and scored 6 goals in 8 games to date. He scored a hat trick against Burnley and multiple goals against Arsenal, playing a role as a problem solver at important moments. Currently, the only player who has scored more goals than Son Heung-mi is Erling Haaland (8 goals), who was the top scorer last season.

External evaluations are also good. Football expert Paul Merson said through Sky Sports in the UK, “Son Heung-min was fantastic. He started the season on the left flank, but he established himself as the front line striker against Burnley and has not looked back. Son Heung-min creates space for himself and He praises Son Heung-min, saying, “When space is available in the box, he shows an excellent finish. Son Heung-min’s biggest advantage is that he can finish using both feet. The moment Son Heung-min gets into a good flow, no one can catch him.” did.

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