British locals also pay attention: “Klinsmann does not give Son Heung-min any hope of rest.”

British locals also pay attention: “Klinsmann does not give Son Heung-min any hope of rest.”

England is also paying attention to the words of coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who declared that there is no rest for key players.

The Korean national soccer team, led by Coach Klinsmann, convened at the Paju National Team Training Center on the 9th. Korea will play its October international match against Tunisia and Vietnam on the 13th and 17th, respectively.

Coach Klinsmann held a press conference prior to training. During the press conference, a question was asked about how to utilize players who are not in perfect physical condition, such as Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), and Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton Wanderers).

In particular, it was pointed out that the three players needed consideration, such as adjusting their playing time, due to the tight schedule between their team and the national team. In fact, Son Heung-min’s playing time at Tottenham is being adjusted due to his not being in perfect physical condition. Hwang Hee-chan felt some physical problems in the last game, and Kim Min-jae, who was playing a forced march, also showed some signs of exertion.

Director Klinsmann’s position was firm. He clearly stated that he would issue a sortie order without rest. Coach Klinsmann said, “It is inevitable that overseas players will feel fatigue,” and added, “This is the greatest honor I could have enjoyed as a player, and it is not a position that anyone can enjoy.” Coach Klinsmann said, “This is the last evaluation match, and the actual World Cup qualifiers begin next month,” and “If you look at the players’ eyes during the convocation, no player wants to rest. “I want to wear the national team uniform and play more,” he said.

He added, “I think overseas players will want to play for 90 minutes in each game just because of the anticipation of playing in front of the public. Of course, they will get tired, so we will prepare by reducing the amount of training.”

British media ‘Football London’ reported coach Angie Postekoglou’s words, saying, “After Son Heung-min was replaced after playing only 69 minutes in Liverpool, concerns grew about his injury, and the reason for his replacement was later revealed.”

Coach Postekoglou said, “We talked to Son Heung-min because his physical condition was not 100%, and he played desperately,” adding, “He gave everything he could.” He then explained, “He never let us play for 90 minutes, but wanted to give us about 60 minutes,” and “Son Heung-min was a player who led the team from the front and put pressure on them.”메이저놀이터

The media said, “To maintain his physical condition, Son Heung-min reduced his training volume on the weekend,” and “Ahead of the Luton Town game, coach Postekoglou checked on Son Heung-min and then trained,” and reported that he was under special management. ‘Football London’ relayed Coach Klinsmann’s words and said, “There are still concerns surrounding Son Heung-min’s physical condition,” and “Coach Klinsmann does not give Son Heung-min any hope of rest.”

Despite this, Son Heung-min is expected to play a lot of time for the national team. Coach Klinsmann, who said, “The health of the players is the top priority,” said, “Just as Tottenham hopes for Son Heung-min’s healthy return, I also hope that Son Heung-min joins the national team in good health.” He said, “I will talk to the players and make adjustments,” but added, “My role is to ensure that they can give everything on game day. “We will not rotate or remove him,” he said emphatically.

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