“If I can’t handle the pressure, I’ll leave Manchester United”, miracle in 4 minutes of OT → Coach Ten Haag says, ‘Stay alert’ locker room talk

“If I can’t handle the pressure, I’ll leave Manchester United”, miracle in 4 minutes of OT → Coach Ten Haag says, ‘Stay alert’ locker room talk

“If you can’t handle the pressure, don’t play for Manchester United.”

Coach Erik ten Haag urged his players to show unity in the first half when they were defeated by Brentford. They demanded hunger and desperation at halftime, and turned the game around with a dramatic comeback goal in extra time.

Coach Ten Haag said through the global sports media ‘ESPN’ on the 8th (Korean time), “At halftime, I told the players not to play here if they cannot handle the pressure. Our players are really experienced. They are high-level players. “We have to take responsibility. In the first half of this season, we were overtaken by hungrier teams. This has to stop. Every player has to realize that they are on the pitch every minute, every second.”

“This is what we did last season. This is how we move forward as a united team. Lately we have not been decisive in every game. I am very angry about this. That mentality has to change. We had a few chances but it was the same. “We repeated the pattern. We conceded a goal at the wrong crucial moment.”

Manchester United defeated Brentford 2-1 in the 8th round of the 2023-24 English Premier League held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 7th. They escaped from a swamp of consecutive losses, including in the UEFA Champions League.

Manchester United appointed Hoirun at the top. Rashford, Mount, and Bruno Fernandes provided firepower in the second line, with Amrabat and Casemiro playing at the waist. The back four consisted of Lindelof, Evans, Maguire, and Dalot, and the goalkeeper gloves were worn by Onana.

Brentford’s top two, Mbeumo and Wisa, attacked Manchester United. Jensen, Nörgaard, and Janelt played alternately in midfield, while Rasmussen and Hickey were positioned as wingbacks. The defense was Collins, Pinnock, and Ayer, and the goal was guarded by Strakosha. Kim Ji-su, who joined this summer, waited on the bench to play.

Although Brentford was away at Old Trafford, they were a threat to Manchester United. He embarrassed Manchester United by repeatedly pounding the side. Manchester United’s third-line combination of Amrabat and Casemiro continued to increase the tempo of their attacks by squeezing through gaps in their tightness.

Manchester United’s defense, which suffered from string injuries, was sloppy. In the end, the first goal was allowed. Brentford pushed the ball into the box to create a contest, and Jensen calmly pushed it in. Onana touched the goalkeeper’s hand, but roared through the net.

Manchester United attempted a flank attack with Rashford. But the Brentford defense was pretty solid. Manchester United coach Erik ten Haag changed the midfielder combination by bringing in Christian Eriksen early in the second half.

Manchester United focused on making up for the goal while securing as much ball possession as possible. However, fluid passes from the waist were rarely made and attempts were made to focus on crosses from the side. In the 16th minute of the second half, after a wide reverse transition from left to right, a fast tempo attack was continued, but shooting accuracy was poor.

Coach Ten Haag made changes by removing Mount and Rashford and adding Anthony and Garnacho. In a situation where Hoilun had no angle, Hoesim’s shot also hit the side net. The pass to the midfield was inaccurate, and although Amrabat ran with four defenders, it was not a threat.

Brentford brought in Oneka and Maupay in the 25th minute of the second half. Manchester United also prepared Martial to give more strength to the attack. Brentford shook Manchester United through various attack patterns, including long throw-ins.

Manchester United increased their ball possession, but there were no effective hits. Since Brentford was guarding the team in two lines, only cross attacks were attempted. A change was made by adding McTominay, but it had no significant effect. He hit the net with two minutes left until the end of regular time, but it was canceled due to Martial’s offside.

McTominay equalized in extra time. McTominay concentrated inside the box and managed to push it into the net. McTominay turned the game around by scoring a goal in extra time before the end. Old Trafford cheered as if shaking, and Manchester United took three points at home.

It was Manchester United, which had been extremely shaken recently. British media ‘Football Insider’ said in an exclusive report, “According to a Manchester United source, they did not consider sacking coach Ten Haag despite their worst start in 37 years. However, the club’s high-ranking officials, including the Glazer family, supported the European Football Association (UEFA). “After the Champions League defeat, we are close to pulling the trigger on sacking him.”

The media said, “It is a sad performance when you look at how much support coach Ten Haag received in this summer’s transfer market. Coach Ten Haag spent 179 million pounds (approximately 294.1 billion won) on recruiting new players and has no say in recruiting players. “I even had it,” he announced.

“New striker Høirun had an encouraging performance, but the fans were starting to worry. Manchester United’s defense was poor against Galazataray. Casemiro struggled alone. Goalkeeper Andre Onana made another terrible mistake. Manchester United’s defense was poor. Mason Mount, who joined United, criticized, “As each day goes by, more and more question marks are raised. It’s a race of fear.”

They lost 2-3 to Galatasaray in the second leg of the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League group stage held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 4th. So far, they have not been able to secure even a single win and have been relegated to the bottom of the group.

Coach Erik ten Haag placed Rasmus Hoilun in the top line and Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, and Hannibal Mebri in the second line. Casemiro and Mason Mount stood in the third line. Sofiane Amrabat, Victor Lindelöf, Raphael Varane and Diogo D’Alo stand in the back four, with Andre Onana wearing the goalkeeper’s gloves.

Hoyl Rune scored his first goal. In the 16th minute, Rashford’s cross was powerfully headed in. Hoilun cheered in front of Manchester United’s home fans. Coach Ten Haag also clenched his fists. When Rashford caught the ball, video review (VAR) confirmed whether it was offside, but it was recognized as a goal.

Galatasaray struck the balance. In the 23rd minute, Wilfred Zaha’s attempted volley shot from inside the box was deflected off Dalo. Onana hurriedly threw her body away, but it was not enough to block it.

A fierce midfield battle continued. Casemiro frequently collided with the opposing midfield line. In the 31st minute, Lucas Torreira received a yellow card. Torreira’s foot went deep into Casemiro’s ankle. In the 34th minute, Casemiro received a yellow card. His feet were high in the process of checking the opposing player attempting a header.

I wasn’t lucky enough to score a goal. In the 44th minute, Mount’s curling kick seemed to be heading towards the corner of the goal, but the opportunity was canceled when it hit teammate Mervi’s leg. The first half ended 1-1.

At the start of the second half, Manchester United replaced Mebry with Christian Eriksen. A decisive opportunity was lost. Rashford was faced one-on-one with the goalkeeper and waited for a teammate to penetrate. I saw Fernandez and tried to pass, but the intensity was weak. The defender who followed intercepted it. Director Ten Haag looked dejected.

Manchester United hit the net once more. In the 14th minute, Hoilun roared after hitting the net with a left-footed shot. However, offside was declared and the goal was cancelled. Hoilun was about one step ahead of the opposing defense at the time of the final pass.먹튀검증

In the 23rd minute, Hoilun scored multiple goals. After breaking into the back space, he split the Galatasaray goal with a sensational chip shot. Davinson Sanchez slipped while trying to block a through pass. It was raining heavily throughout the game at Old Trafford.

The away team, Galatasaray, was also no slouch. Akturkolu scored the equalizer in the 27th minute. He calmly hit a cross from the right into the opposite post. After conceding a goal, Hoyl Rune held his head and showed a frustrated expression.

Bad news broke out. Casemiro gave up a penalty kick and was sent off for accumulating warnings. While blocking Mauro Icardi, he attempted a back tackle and a foul was called. In the penalty kick that followed, luck favored Manchester United. In the 32nd minute, Icardi’s shot as a kicker missed the left side of the goal. Manchester United was outnumbered.

Icardi, who missed the penalty kick, succeeded in scoring. After digging into the space behind him, he struck a sensational shot over Onana’s head. Galatasaray took a 3-2 lead. Galatasaray brought in Tanguy Ndombele and Victor Nelson. Manchester United improved the game by substituting Anthony, but there were no additional goals.

After the game, there were rumors of coach Ten Haag’s dismissal. According to what ‘Football Insider’ has learned, the possibility of dismissal is rising. Considering Manchester United’s poor performance after appointing numerous managers, it is not something to just ignore.

Of course, most of the local media shook their heads at the theory of coach Ten Haag’s dismissal. The Guardian, a leading British newspaper, reported, “Manchester United’s high-ranking officials support coach Ten Haag. It is not a matter for discussion. Coach Ten Haag has the firm support of Manchester United’s high-ranking officials.”

Another media outlet, ‘The Sun’, had the same reaction. The media reported, “Although we have a shocking record of 5 losses in 7 games, we are receiving full support. Despite the sudden decline in performance and slump, the Glazer family and CEO do not want to change.”

Director Ten Haag also has some exemptions. Manchester United are currently suffering from an injury ward. Rasmus Høirun joined Manchester United with a back injury, while Mason Mount also had an injury.

Recently, even the defense has collapsed. Starting fullback Luke Shaw was missing, and Tyrell Malasia and Sergio Reguilon, who were brought in on loan from Tottenham Hotspur, also collapsed. The situation is such that it is not possible to form a complete lineup of players.

There are also external issues. According to global sports outlet The Athletic, Anthony said: “I have agreed to take a period of absence from Manchester United while they deal with the assault allegations against me. It was a mutual agreement to prevent confusion among my colleagues and to avoid unnecessary controversy for Manchester United. “It has come true. I want to reiterate that I am innocent of the assault charges I have been accused of, and I will fully cooperate with the police to uncover the truth. I look forward to returning to the game soon,” he announced.

Last month, the British media ‘Sports Brief’ reported, “Anthony’s ex-wife is planning to submit an assault report to the British police. The ex-wife claimed that she was assaulted several times while meeting Anthony. She is demanding legal compensation for domestic violence charges. “Status,” he announced.

The media said, “If Anthony’s ex-wife’s claims are true, he could be involved in three crimes. This is the second time since he filed related charges with Brazilian authorities in June. The third claim is that Antony hit his ex-wife with his car. According to reports, Anthony’s ex-wife is pregnant.”

He claimed that he had already contacted a legal representative and was preparing to file a complaint alleging assault against Anthony. ‘Sports Brief’ reported, “Manchester United and its agents are taking the incident very seriously.” Although he has returned to the first team and is training, it is unclear whether he will be in normal condition.

The same goes for Jadon Sancho, who was brought in with a lot of money. The German edition of ‘Sky Sports’, a sports media outlet, reported, “After Sancho was suspended from Manchester United, he aimed to leave in the transfer market next winter. He is currently in close contact with the Dortmund manager.”

The media explained, “Dortmund is a great memory for Sancho. He was able to continue his brilliant performance at Dortmund. That was not the case at Manchester United. Not only was Sancho excluded from Manchester United first-team training, but he was also banned from using all professional team facilities.” did.

According to what Sky Sports has learned, he has been in contact with Dortmund manager Terzic. German transfer expert Florian Plattenberg also said, “Sancho wants to leave Manchester United in the upcoming winter transfer window. Negotiations will definitely take place in the winter. Sancho wants to leave. But he is expensive, so there is a possibility of a loan.” .

Sky Sports said, “In recent weeks, Dortmund has been floating around as a target of interest for Sancho. In fact, there are ongoing exchanges with the Dortmund manager. Although it is still an unrealistic transfer, the possibility of Sancho returning to Dortmund cannot be ruled out. ” he analyzed.

Sancho grew up in Manchester City’s youth team. Although he is from England, he left for Dortmund due to homesickness. He has grown into a great prospect since joining Dortmund in 2017. Although he had many offers from big European clubs,

He showed flashes of ability at Dortmund, scoring 50 goals and 54 assists in 137 games. He was evaluated as a suitable player for Manchester United, but did not show as much ability as expected. He has played in 82 games to date, scoring 12 goals and 6 assists. Manchester United spent a lot of money to recruit him, but since coach Ten Haag took charge, the competition for the starting position has become red.

He even recently had a fight with coach Ten Haag. He played as a substitute this season, but was left out of the away trip to Arsenal in the fourth round. Coach Ten Haag said of Sancho’s exclusion from the list, “I made this decision after watching training. He must show the ability worthy of Manchester United. As a coach, he has the final selection authority. Sancho was not selected.”

As a result of coach Ten Haag’s observation at the training ground, he decided that he was not suitable for the match against Arsenal. However, Sancho directly contradicted coach Ten Haag’s words, saying that he always worked hard at the training ground and that he was being treated unfairly.

Afterwards, he posted on his social networking service (SNS), “I hope you don’t believe the article you’re reading. It’s a completely false story. I am a scapegoat. I have been treated unfairly for a long time. I trained hard at the training center all week. I smiled and said, “I want to play soccer. I want to dedicate myself to Manchester United,” he announced.

First of all, the victory against Brentford put an end to the external and internal shaking to some extent. Coach ten Haag said, “For us to play like this, Manchester United have a lot of good players. We need to go to a higher level. Against Brentford, we showed everything – mentality, belief and team play. It must have been a turning point. Now it’s all about us. “It’s up to you,” he emphasized.

Brentford led for 93 minutes and went down by two goals. The Brentford manager said: “It was brutal. We played a perfect first half at Old Trafford. We counter-attacked well and deserved to take the lead. Football is cruel. A draw would have been a fairer result,” the Brentford manager said. I dropped it.

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