“Keep your fingers crossed, let Richarlison play the role of Son Heung-min!”… The Arsenal legend’s ‘solution’ also claims, “Richarlison’s level needs to be raised to maximize his nails.”

“Keep your fingers crossed, let Richarlison play the role of Son Heung-min!”… The Arsenal legend’s ‘solution’ also claims, “Richarlison’s level needs to be raised to maximize his nails.”

Tottenham’s ‘fingernail effect’ in the English Premier League (EPL) is being praised.

Tottenham used Richarlison as the top player until the 3rd round of the EPL. Although Tottenham went undefeated, Richarlison’s scoring ability was poor. He did not score a single goal until the third round.

Then, coach Enze Postecoglou showed off his ‘nail’ to put Son Heung-min in the top spot in the 4th round match against Burnley, and Son Heung-min proudly responded with a hat trick. Applause erupted. Local media praised Son Heung-min as a replacement for Harry Kane, who left for Bayern Munich.

‘Nail’ did not stop and continued its upward trend against the strong players. Son Heung-min scored 6 goals in the league, including 2 goals against Arsenal and 1 goal against Liverpool. He ranked second in scoring behind Manchester City’s Erling Haaland’s eight goals. Tottenham, led by ‘nails’, also continued its undefeated streak and ranked second in the league with 5 wins and 2 draws.

However, there were still voices saying that Richarlison should be used as the lone striker. The logic is that if you give the talented Richarlison more opportunities, he will definitely repay you. In addition, there was an analysis that Son Heung-min, whose main position is left winger, will have limitations if he continues to play as a lone player, and that Son Heung-min’s competitiveness will not be utilized 100%.

The situation in which the controversy arose. Then the Arsenal legend presented a solution through England’s ‘Tbrfootball’. This is Ian Wright, a striker representing Arsenal. Wright played for Arsenal from 1991 to 1998 and scored 185 goals in 288 games. He won the league, FA Cup, and League Cup with Arsenal.먹튀검증

First of all, ‘Tbrfootball’ said, “A lot has changed in Tottenham this season. Son Heung-min’s lone top is becoming a hot topic. Son Heung-min has now moved to number 9. Therefore, the left wing that Son Heung-min used to play is a void that needs to be filled by someone else. “It remains,” he explained.

In response, Wright said, “Tottenham has a player who can do exactly what Son Heung-min used to do. It is Richarlison. Richarlison can play Son Heung-min’s role. Richarlison can play that role well on the left, so Son Heung-min “Min must go as is,” he emphasized.

Also, “Richarlison has many of the same characteristics as Son Heung-min on the left wing. He is good at penetrating space and can rush in from behind to make a breakthrough. However, in order to perfectly reproduce the role that Son Heung-min has played so far, Richarlison must excel in all aspects. “We will have to perform at a higher level,” he pointed out.

At the same time, Wright said, “It is difficult to utilize Son Heung-min’s dribbling and pace because he is in the box, but it is positive that he is finishing the best. I think Nail will score more goals in the future. Son Heung-min’s number 9 role. “In order to maximize this, left wing Richarlison needs to step up,” he argued.

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