‘Atmosphere of collapse’ Manchester United’s new starting GK replaced with ATM number 1? “It’s fake news.”

‘Atmosphere of collapse’ Manchester United’s new starting GK replaced with ATM number 1? “It’s fake news.”

Oblak instead of Oh Nana? False news.

It appears that Manchester United will not change their starting goalkeeper in less than one season.

Manchester United ambitiously organized their goalkeeper position ahead of this season. Andre Onana was recruited as the new starting goalkeeper, replacing ‘legend’ David de Gea, who had been the ‘iron rice bowl’ for over 10 years. Dean Henderson, who was aiming to take De Gea’s place, was also transferred, so you can guess how much faith he had in Onana. He signed a five-year contract. He spent 55 million euros in transfer fees alone.

But the start was uneasy. They gave up as many as 15 goals in the first 9 games after the opening game, including 4 goals in the Champions League group stage match against Bayern Munich. Onana was pointed out as one of the reasons for Manchester United’s early slump, including making fatal mistakes.먹튀검증

Accordingly, there was a local report that Manchester United is again watching Atletico Madrid’s starting goalkeeper Jan Oblak. Manchester United showed their affection for Oblak early on, but were unable to successfully recruit him, so they came to Onana. Since Onana was underperforming, it seemed like a natural step to think of Oblak.

However, journalist Fabrizio Romano, who is well versed in European soccer, said that this news was completely ‘false news’. “It is true that Onana has not had an easy start, but it can take time for a player from a new country to adapt to a new club,” Romano said. “The rumors about Oblak are completely fake. Talks between Manchester United and Oblak “There was nothing. Manchester United invested a lot of money in Onana and still trust him. It makes no sense for United to contact Oblak at this stage,” he insisted.

Onana showed signs of revival by keeping consecutive clean sheets in EFL Cup and league games against Crystal Palace and Burnley. Although they conceded 1 goal in the most recent league match against Crystal Palace, local analysis shows that they are clearly improving.

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