Although it is a world where only the first place stands out… Still, the ‘2nd long hitters’ remain steadfast 

Although it is a world where only the first place stands out… Still, the ‘2nd long hitters’ remain steadfast 

As any golf fan knows, ‘Super Rookie’ Bang Shin-sil is ranked first in the driving distance category of this year’s Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour. He is showing off his overwhelming long-distance ability, averaging 265.08 yards.

There is probably no field where only first place stands out as much as the sports stage. We know well who is in first place, but it is not well known who is in second place.

So who is currently ranked 2nd in long shots on the KLPGA Tour? Hwang Yu-min? Or Kim Su-ji? The player ranked second in the drive distance category of this year’s KLPGA Tour is Moon Jeong-min. He is second in slugging with 259.59 yards, ahead of Yumin Hwang with 257.43 yards. Kim Su-ji, who once ranked first in long shots, is currently ranked 9th in drive distance.

Jiyoung Kim2.
Moon Jung-min is the player who ranked second in the long hit rankings last year when Yoon Ina was the long hit queen. Yoon Ina threw 263.45 yards, and Moon Jung-min ranked second in long hits with 253.25 yards. Although he also has tremendous long-hitting ability, he is unable to escape from the position of ‘second long-hitting hitter’ due to the emergence of Yoon Ina and Bang Shin-sil, who are called ‘super long hitters’.

Although he is not doing much on the regular stage of the KLPGA Tour, the second part of the Dream Tour is now unfolding as ‘Moon Jung-min’s World’. Moon Jung-min is ranked first in the Dream Tour prize money rankings with two wins in September alone.

There are some players who are really tired of being called ‘the second best long hitter.’ Kim Ji-young, who has 2 wins in total, is the 2nd player. Jiyoung Kim 2 ranked second in the driving distance category for four consecutive years from 2017 to 2020, but never reached first place. In particular, Kim Ji-young 2 lost the top spot to the same player from 2018 to 2020, and that person is Kim A-lim, one of Korea’s representative long hitters.

Attendance room.
Kim Min-seon 5, who has now changed her name to Kim Si-won, was also the ‘second long hitter’ who failed to become the long hit queen.메이저사이트

Min-seon Kim5 ranked second in the long-hitting rankings three times in 2015, 2016, and 2021, and the main long-hitting queen in 2015 and 2016 was Seong-hyun Park, the representative long-hitter. In particular, Kim Min-seon5 was disappointed to remain in second place in long shots in 2021 with a difference of less than 1 yard. At that time, Seungyeon Lee ranked first with 250.97 yards, and Minseon Kim5 ranked second with 250.09 yards.

In addition to these players, the players who ranked second in the drive distance category, which began recording statistics in 2008, include Ahn Seon-ju in 2008, Lee Jeong-eun5 in 2009 and 2011, Lee Jeong-min in 2010, Lee Seong-woon in 2012, Jang Ha-na in 2013, and Han Sang-hee in 2014. Among them, Ahn Seon-ju was the only one to rank first in long hits in 2009.

If there had been no ‘incident’ last year, a long-hitting war between Bang Shin-sil and Yoon Na-na would have occurred this year. If the KLPGA follows the Korea Golf Association (KGA) and reduces Yoon Na’s disciplinary period to one and a half years, one of Bang Shin-sil and Yoon Ina will become the ‘two long hitters’ next year. Of course, a third long hitter may appear and both players may be relegated to ‘second or third long hitters’.

Because there is a second place, there is also a first place. No, because there is a second place, the first place stands out more. Golf is always interesting as long as there are long shots.

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