Spider-Man vs Nick Fury… Who is better at golf?

Spider-Man vs Nick Fury… Who is better at golf?

The DP World Tour BMW PGA Championship held on the 18th (Korean time) attracted a lot of cameras even before the tournament. This is because British actor Tom Holland (27) appeared at the pro-am. Holland, the protagonist of the movie ‘Spider-Man’, appeared in the pro-am of this competition two years ago. In the ‘Long Shot Contest’ held as an event at the time, he recorded a distance of 310 yards and took first place. Holland, who said his handicap was ‘5’ two years ago, reported it as ‘6’ for this tournament.

Although it was not revealed exactly how many strokes Holland hit, he is said to have shown off his long-hitting skills in front of the gallery. Holland said, “I go on rounds twice a week, even during the filming period.” “If I don’t have time, I play 36 holes in one day.” He emphasized, “Golf is a very important part of my life.”메이저놀이터

There are many experts like Holland in the entertainment industry. A representative example is Samuel Jackson, who played the role of Nick Fury, who showed extraordinary chemistry with Holland in the movie ‘The Avengers.’ According to Golf Week, an American golf media outlet, Jackson’s average handicap is 8.6. This means that it is possible to be ‘single’ on the right day. However, in the movie, his skills are inferior to Holland, who he treats like his subordinate.

The top player in the American entertainment industry is known to be actor and singer Jack Wagner (63, USA), famous for the song ‘All I Need’. According to Golf Digest, Wagner’s handicap is 0.3. He is so good that he often writes under par. Wagner was originally an aspiring professional golfer, but then he double-applied to the University of Arizona’s golf team and majored in drama, and is said to have changed his career path when the drama department promised him a full scholarship.

Golf Week selected ‘Basketball Emperor’ Michael Jordan (60) as the best sports star athlete. Jordan’s handicap is 1.3. Jordan is known to visit his own ‘The Grove XXIII’ golf course every week.

The best active basketball player is Stephen Curry (35, USA) with a handicap of 2.2. Curry, who often appears as an invited player on the PGA’s Korn Ferry (Part 2) Tour, recently recorded a hole-in-one in a celebrity golf tournament. In Korea, Kim Kook-jin (58), who was preparing to become a professional player, and actor Lee Wan (39) are famous golf experts.

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