MJ vs MJ, Magic and Jordan couldn’t stop each other

MJ vs MJ, Magic and Jordan couldn’t stop each other

The defender did everything he could. But Jordan just did it better. That’s why Jordan is the best. -Doug Collins-

When my girlfriend came over to visit, I asked her to watch Jordan’s game with me. -The late Kobe Bryant-

There are many factors behind Michael Jordan (60‧198cm) enjoying enormous popularity. First of all, he was outstanding in terms of skill, and perhaps the biggest part was that he captured not only his individual performance but also his team’s performance. Due to the nature of professional sports, it is only natural that no matter how good one’s factors are, one cannot rise to the rank of superstar without an image of a winner.

To put it a bit exaggeratedly, Jordan elevated his career by setting various records in every game and season. When an ordinary player made a surprising performance in a game against him, he lied and told everyone that he had insulted him, and they took revenge in the next game. This is why some have even said that his competitive spirit is not only strong, but also ‘pathological’.

There is a style that remains popular now and then, and it is none other than the slasher. It refers to a player who can upset the opposing team’s defense with flashy dribbling or extraordinary athletic ability. This type of player is bound to receive a lot of attention because it is fun to watch even for those who do not know much about basketball. Later on, he had the image of a basketball expert who was simple and easy to score, but during the first three consecutive losses, Jordan was the ‘Black Cat’ itself.

In fact, if the defender was distracted just a little, or even with both eyes open, he would disappear out of sight in an instant and score through a gap. It seemed as if it was going in and out of the house by raising and lowering the speed gear, and it pressed down on the opponent who thought it was blocking the front with a strong force compared to its position.
As mentioned in the previous episode, he was capable of fighting with most forwards, so he often showed plays where he used his body to create collision situations. In addition to his long body attack power, he attacked without losing balance even in situations where his body collided in the air, and he even often mixed in fake moves in the middle. A representative example is ‘Triple Clutch’, which once created a craze for imitation by teenagers around the world.

MJ vs MJ, the beginning of a rebellion that announced the birth of Chicago’s dynasty

Jordan’s first opponent in the finals was the LA Lakers led by Magic Johnson (64‧206cm) in the 1990-91 season. To put it bluntly, it was strong, but not as strong as it was during Showtime’s heyday. Although they still had the weapon of experience, the Bulls’ momentum after ending the era of Detroit’s bad guys was truly sky-high.

The ambitious Chicago rebels, dreaming of creating a new kingdom, have invaded the heart of the LA kingdom. Jordan, the leader of the rebel army, was a figure who was attracting attention as being expected to become a new legend in the world. However, the kingdom’s generals had no intention of handing over hegemony to whoever the opponent was. No matter how much he wasn’t like before, the fact that he made it to the finals was enough to qualify him to stay at the top, and it was only natural that he wanted to keep it that way for a long time.

In particular, Magic, who had a reputation as the best technician before Jordan, gritted his teeth. Jordan was a powerful fighter with a spectacular aerial skill that earned him the nickname ‘Air’, but Magic’s magic shook whoever his opponent was, cracked them, and ultimately destroyed them. Therefore, the subtitle ‘MJ vs MJ’ was added to the match between the two, who possessed both skill and marketability, and the interest of officials and fans was truly explosive.

Magic is a legend among legends, so much so that he once ranked second in the all-time player rankings. Although his ranking has been falling behind the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who has accumulated records, there are still quite a few people who consider Magic to be the best of all time. He was even evaluated as ‘It wouldn’t be surprising if he were better than Michael Jordan.’

At the time, Magic was slowly losing its prime, but it still showed untouchable power in big games. Jordan, who was in his prime, also had a hard time defending Magic. Magic’s biggest advantage is that in addition to top-level passing ability, their scoring production is also top-notch. This is why it is difficult to read the next move once Magic catches the ball.

Magic constantly harassed Jordan with post-ups. He was a technician of the same level but was ahead in size, so it was not easy for him to defend even if he blatantly hit a post-up. Jordan, who is strong, was often pushed back by post-ups that took advantage of his physique, and after a momentary spin move, the baby hook shot that neutralized the block shot split the rim.

If Jordan was pushed back even for a moment after a physical fight, he did not miss the opportunity and fired a mid-range shot, and his tough floater shot from a high RBI also made the Chicago defense feel empty. Even when surrounded by 2-3 Bulls defenders, he was able to break through without difficulty. Not only did Jordan, but even Pippen, who was a bit better in size, block, didn’t make much of a difference, so even recent fans who watched the game through replays poured out the opinion that Jordan was great, but they were also able to feel the majesty of Magic.

As Jordan continued to struggle, the Bulls bench, which judged that it would be difficult to play one-on-one, added a pattern of backup players preparing for fouls and making surprise defenses. Of course, Jordan didn’t just keep getting bullied. To be precise, it is correct to say that they could not stop each other. Jordan was behind Magic in size, but he had quicker feet and more agility.

In particular, since it was the so-called ‘Black Cat’ era at the time, his athletic ability was at its peak. He caught the ball and measured the direction of the left or right penetration, then faked an eye and attacked the rim like a thunderbolt. Magic was repeatedly defeated. For a moment, it felt like Jordan was disappearing before my eyes, so I couldn’t even react properly and often just stood there blankly.먹튀검증

In the end, Jordan’s Bulls beat the Lakers 4-1 and won their dream first championship. He received high praise for winning the championship by starting from the bottom and working his way up step by step from an unfinished team. The myth that ‘the top scorer cannot win’, which had been around for over 20 years, was also successfully broken. Jordan’s finals average was 31 points and 11 assists.

Another great thing about Jordan was that even though he was a super scorer, he secretly enjoyed playing basketball with his teammates. In the case of the late Kobe Bryant, a representative example of Jordan’s imitation, he had a strong tendency to be a heavy-onballer as he possessed the mindset of ‘I decide even if I fail.’ On the other hand, Jordan seemed to be focusing on passing as the season progressed and helping his teammates improve their play.

Of course, there is no need to cite reasons such as altruism or pursuing an all-around player. Jordan is a fighter. He bases everything on winning. It is correct to say that he did so because he felt the effectiveness of a passing game that took advantage of gaps. If he had a better scorer than himself, he may have reduced his scoring percentage and pushed through passes.

Of course, such a player did not appear on any other team, let alone his own team, throughout Jordan’s career. Above all, even if there was such a powerful ace, Jordan would have worked harder and trained harder than his opponent and then surpassed him, rather than admit it and give up. And he said, ‘Look. There is a high possibility that he slyly provoked me by saying, ‘I should be the center of the attack, right?’

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