“Continuous development and growth” KBL DREAM delivered by Jo Jun-hee

“Continuous development and growth” KBL DREAM delivered by Jo Jun-hee

The 28th misaeng is Jo Jun-hee (19, 189cm), who knocked on KBL with his own dream. Let’s listen to the voice of Jo Jun-hee, who was continuing his basketball career in a foreign country, and what happened before he took on the challenge of playing in the KBL.

Basketball started as a hobby and became a window to the world for Jo Jun-hee.

Cho Jun-hee’s life in a foreign country began in Canada. Jo Jun-hee’s basketball also took off in Canada. He said, “He attended elementary school in Korea until the fourth grade and then moved to Canada. He went and learned English and socialized with people. At first, he only played basketball as an occasional hobby. Then, while I was playing in a local league, an elite coach on the field asked my parents and me if we could play together.” Just like

that, a special helper appears in front of Jo Jun-hee, who has entered the path of elite basketball. Former KBL player Shin Jae-rok. With his help, Cho Jun-hee’s dream grew bigger and bigger as he went beyond Canada and was introduced to American basketball. “Coach Shin Jae-rok happened to be around me. He steadily learned the basics with the coach for 2-3 years. Then, the coach’s team went to Seattle, and when I first encountered American basketball, I felt that it was completely different. “

Then my parents asked me if I should play basketball in the United States. So, he found out about a school called IMG Academy. He entered IMG in the 10th grade (his first year of high school) and stayed there for two years, gaining a lot of experience. “I mostly traveled around by plane, but then someone in California asked me if I could come to a school here.”

In California, Jo Jun-hee receives another shock. She increases her capabilities and value accordingly and continues her good opportunities. “(California) is completely different again. So, I grew my body faster and my basketball IQ also grew. Then, I found a better opportunity called Veritas Prep School, so I headed there. I met and became close friends with many good friends here. “Thanks to basketball, I met good coaches and managers.”

The connection between Joon-hee Cho and Korean basketball continued even though he was physically distant.

Although Joon-hee Cho played basketball in Canada and the United States, the connection between him and Korea was constant. From Shin Jae-rok, who laid the foundation for Cho Jun-hee’s basketball, to coach Lee Gyu-seop, to Ahn Kang-bi, who is taking on his own challenge, and to Joo-young Lee and Min-kyo Koo, who went abroad to study basketball at IMG, Jun-hee Cho was constantly in contact with Korea.메이저놀이터

“My relationship with coach Park Byeong-woo, who is helping me with the draft, started with coach Lee Gyu-seop. When I was in America, the director brought his son. “It was my first time as a coach in Korea, and since then, we have continued to exchange and give me good opportunities when I come to Korea, so I am very grateful.” In addition, as

part of KBL’s project to foster promising youth overseas players, I was able to teach basketball at the IMG Academy in the United States in December 2020. Lee Joo-young (Yonsei University) and Koo Min-kyo (Jimulpogo), who went to study abroad, also met with Jo Jun-hee. “When I was at IMG, (Lee) Joo-young and (Gu) Min-kyo came. At that time, I was the only Korean in basketball, so I was very happy. I took good care of them, and the kids worked hard, so the coach even asked me who they were (laughter). And Kangbi (Ahn), who is currently at IMG, is also a player I support.”

“And I came to Korea sometimes a long time ago. I also worked out with professional athletes. I worked out with Choi Jin-su (Hyundai Mobis), Oh Jae-hyun (SK), and Jang Jae-seok (Hyundai Mobis). “I think I learn a lot faster because we have a good relationship.”

Basketball player Jo Jun-hee’s thoughts on Korean basketball

Jo Jun-hee says about herself as a basketball player, “I have a lot of passion and play aggressively. He is in good shape because in America everyone uses their bodies. I’m not as fit as other kids, and since I have speed, I knew when to apply it. “By using those things, I can figure out when to make an aggressive play, pass when it’s not, and take advantage when the opportunity presents itself,” he said.

“I am confident in my shooting. He is now practicing mid-distance shooting with a sense of stability. “He is learning as quickly as possible by watching videos, such as his steps, defense against the opponent’s 2-on-2 play, and how to follow the opponent’s guard.” He

also said that his first impression of Korean basketball was that it was cold-hearted. “It’s cool. If you can’t play defense, you can’t step on the court. It’s not that I hate that, I just accept it and think that no matter how much I try to focus on offense, I have to play defense and I’m continuing to learn.” “

I think it’s natural that I have to work hard in Korea. You have to work hard, but I think you have to do it well, and you have to do it well and constantly, to be a professional. When I see good players, I know they can do anything. Of course there will be mistakes, but I think we have to do them well.”

‘Constant learning’ The reason Jo Jun-hee turned his attention to KBL

“There is something I don’t want people to think about. Since I came to Korea from the United States, I hope you never think that I am taking Korea lightly. “I came here because I thought it would be a good challenge and opportunity if I had the chance to play in Korea.”

The reason Jo Jun-hee came to KBL was because of his constant desire to develop himself. “I came back with the desire to learn as much as possible and become a player who can continue to learn and grow like a sponge. I think such views are bound to arise, but I have my own dream and I am taking on a challenge, so I hope people understand. “

Not just anyone goes to the pros, but prepared players go. I think I can use what I felt in the United States during my time in Korea. “I think everyone will understand this only when I perform well in 2-4 years and show a good performance,” said Jo Jun-hee, expressing his sincerity.

Lastly, Jo Jun-hee said, “I want to become a player who not only works hard, but actually performs well in real life. I feel like there is something I can do to some extent and that I can try it. “I am taking on the challenge because I can do it. If you trust me and choose me, I will work hard to accept it and grow under the director,” he even left a candidacy statement.

Jo Jun-hee, who returned to Korea to develop himself as a basketball player, will check out the first steps of what kind of basketball he will draw in the KBL through this KBL draft.

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