Big Mouth, a real-life hero…How Kevin Holland survives in the UFC

Big Mouth, a real-life hero…How Kevin Holland survives in the UFC

UFC fighter Kevin Holland (31, USA) is always cheerful. And there is a lot to say. He likes to constantly talk and talk about things, so much so that he gets the nickname ‘Big Mouth’. Even though it is a normal conversation, it feels like a rapper rapping.

Holland, ranked 13th in the UFC rankings, will compete in the welterweight co-main event at the ‘Noche UFC: Grasso vs Shevchenko 2’ tournament held at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise City, Nevada, USA on the 17th (Korean time). The opponent is Jack Della Madalena (27, Australia), ranked 14th.

Holland, who was recently interviewed by the author, spoke non-stop, to the point where it was a bit burdensome. He originally knew he was that type, but he didn’t know it would be to this extent.

“I know 100%,” Holland said. “If the person I’m talking to doesn’t respond to what I say, I have no choice but to speak up myself,” he said. “When I need to talk, I talk, and when I’m bored, I start talking. “So don’t make it boring,” he joked.

But that doesn’t mean Holland is just saying anything. He is a fighter who is full of thoughts and is more sincere than anyone else. This year alone, it is already the third match, following April (vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio. UFC 287) and July (vs. Michael Chiesa. UFC 291). After winning by submission in the first round against Chiesa, he returns to the Octagon less than two months later.

“It’s not that hard to compete after a month and a half,” said Holland. “I’m very happy to be in charge of the co-main event of this tournament.”

Holland is also well known as a ‘real-life hero’. In his daily life, he saves people in danger, takes down criminals, and personally implements justice. In 2021, he chased down and caught a carjacker and assisted in his arrest. In March of the following year, he subdued a man who had fired a firearm at a restaurant, and in May he rescued a driver from an overturned truck, and is known for spewing out numerous funny stories.

“It had nothing to do with the situation,” Holland said of his actions. “You just have to do the right thing no matter what,” he said humbly, adding, “It can never be a bad thing to always do the right thing, regardless of whether it is a dangerous situation or not.”

Ah, “You just have to do the right thing. “I’ve had a few more opportunities than others in my life to actually help people like that,” he said. “When things start to get crazy, I always try to do the right thing.”

‘Martial arts fighter’ Holland was always full of confidence. He emphasized for a long time that he would win this game as well.카지노

He said, “I think I am a better fighter. He knows how to box, and I know how to box. He knows how to wrestle, and I know how to wrestle these days. He knows how to do jiu-jitsu, but I can do jiu-jitsu too. My skills are better in jiu-jitsu. He knows a little bit of judo, and I know a little bit too. He can use a knife, and I know how to use a knife too. He knows how to shoot a gun, and I shoot a gun too. He uses a spear, and I can use a spear too. But he doesn’t know how to do kung fu, I do.”

Holland spent a lot of time improving his wrestling skills, which had been pointed out as a weakness. However, he assured that in this match, he will show all his abilities, not only wrestling.

He said, “I will be doing mixed martial arts (MMA) in this match. “You will be able to see everything,” he said. “I will definitely win. “Even if my opponent does well, I will win in the end,” he shouted.

Holland, who recently joked that he was sad because he couldn’t binge eat whatever he wanted after dropping down from middleweight to welterweight, said, “(After moving down to welterweight) I eat healthier food and train harder. “I just live a completely different life,” he said. “I was originally well-behaved before joining the UFC, but after joining the UFC, I lived as I wanted. “I’ve been through so much since 2020, and I’ve finally found my true self.”

Holland, who is currently on a two-game winning streak, has made it clear that he will make his presence known as a fighter.

“I am sweeping away everything on my path. If anyone gets in my way, I will knock them all down. If I couldn’t defeat the opponent, I would eventually snipe them at some point. So be careful. Even if someone beat me before, I’m still going after him.”

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