Choi Jeong defeats Lee Chang-ho for 3 consecutive wins… Only Cho Han-seung remains.

Choi Jeong defeats Lee Chang-ho for 3 consecutive wins… Only Cho Han-seung remains.

Choi Jeong 9th Dan, who is playing a close game as the final runner on the desperate ladies team, won 1-4 The fight that started was turned into a 1v1 fight. The 17th championship cup of the ‘Bansang Castle Showdown’ was decided by the final match.

In the 22nd round of the 17th GG Auction Cup Gentlemen vs. Ladies Streak Match held at the Baduk TV Studio on the evening of the 12th, No. 12 runner Choi Jeong, 9-dan of the ladies team, defeated Lee Chang-ho, 9-dan, No. 11 runner of the gentleman team.

Jeong Choi, 9th Dan, has decided to win twice. In the 6th class, as vice-captain, he defeated 9th dan Cho Hoon-hyeon, and in the 15th class, as vice-captain, he defeated 9th dan Lee Chang-ho.

In their 6th head-to-head match, and a reunion after 1 year and 6 months, 9th Dan Choi Jeong took advantage of 9th Dan Lee Chang-ho’s mistakes in the mid to late half when the match was in a desperate battle. 2 hours and 7 minutes, non-succession after 268 moves.

Chang-ho Lee’s 9th dan lost a finishing trick with the left bottom in the middle of the countdown, and the situation was rapidly tilted, and after that, he was unable to take advantage of another opportunity due to an opponent’s mistake. The relative record was balanced at 3 wins and 3 losses.

“It was very complicated, I was optimistic in the middle, and I looked at it wrong. I think I won at the end,” said Kukhu Choi Jeong, 9th Dan.

9-dan Choi Jeong, who previously defeated 9-dan Baek Dae-hyun and 9-dan Choi Myung-hoon, succeeded in winning three times in a row. He also received a bonus of 2 million won in winning streak (2 million won for 3 consecutive wins, 1 million won for each subsequent win).

The ladies’ team, which had been trailing 0 to 6, 1 to 7, and 6 to 10, finally caught up with the gentlemen’s team and tied the score at 11 to 11. This will be the second consecutive year and the fourth time in total that the GG Auction Cup will advance to 23 countries.카지노

Lee Chang-ho, 9th dan, has enjoyed three championships with the Shinsa team, but has never decided to win on his own.

The final match between Choi Jeong and Jo Han-seung will take place on the evening of the 13th. In terms of head-to-head records, 9-dan Cho Han-seung is ahead with 4 wins and 3 losses, and in rankings, 9-dan Choi Jeong is ranked 17th, which is higher than 9-dan Cho Han-seung’s 37th place.

In particular, the two knights faced each other in the final match of the previous year, and 9th Dan Cho Han-seung defeated 9th Dan Choi Jeong with a dramatic upset victory. This is the only match record in the GG Auction Cup.

Kukhu Choi Jeong, 9-dan, said, “Unlike last year, I think I will feel more at ease because Choi Jong-guk is being appointed while I am on a winning streak. (Last year, I met Choi Jeong, 9-dan, when Cho Han-seung was on a two-game winning streak.), and Master Cho Han-seung felt the pressure. “I think you have seen this game of Baduk,” he said, adding, “I will continue to play it comfortably.”

The GG Auction Cup, a ‘match of the sexes on the table’ where the gentlemen’s team and the ladies’ team compete 12 to 12, has the winning team taking the prize money of 120 million won. The number of wins so far has been 7 times for the gentleman team and 9 times for the ladies team.

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