‘Silently strong’ NC… Consistently maintaining the top rankings, I’m also looking to surpass second place.

‘Silently strong’ NC… Consistently maintaining the top rankings, I’m also looking to surpass second place.

The heavy footprints of dinosaurs follow.

Professional baseball NC once again leaped to third place in the league. After taking their place with a win against Kiwoom in Changwon on the 7th, they are holding on in a fierce battle for rankings. The Dinosaur Corps, which was not even among the top five candidates before the season, reserved a spot for fall baseball as a show of pride. The goal was to secure as favorable a start as possible for the remainder of the season.

◆The standard of .500

The KBO League’s winning percentage of .500 is considered a basic condition for advancing to fall baseball. First of all, the basic ranking is supported only when there is no loss in the win-loss margin. The current leaderboard also seems to draw an invisible line with a .500 win rate.

NC is a team that has maintained this .500 win rate like a ghost. Since the 20th game, when the sample has accumulated to a certain extent, he has missed .500 only once. After losing against Gwangju KIA on April 27, they recorded 11 wins and 12 losses. However, they quickly recovered to .500 by winning the next game, and since then, the margin has never gone negative.

Although they have never shown an impact with a large winning streak like Doosan or KIA, their consistency and ability to persevere were remarkable. Even when the negative news struck with the departure of starting pitchers such as Koo Chang-mo, Choi Seong-young, and Lee Jae-hak due to injuries, suitable replacements appeared and played their part. He showed quick recovery after consecutive losses and his ability to get back on track also shined.

A solid foundation will show its true value this September. The stable mound stands out. He ranks 1st in the league with a monthly ERA of 2.43 and 3rd with a team batting average of 0.283. They have entered an unstoppable upward trend with 8 wins and 2 losses in the last 10 games.

◆The performance of foreign players, including talented

foreign players and native ‘reliable men’, is essential for good performance. NC solved this task perfectly this season. A representative example is Eric Peddie, who was reborn as a super ace in his first season on the Korean stage. He has 18 wins (6 losses) on the season and an earned run average of 2.21 (37 earned runs in 150⅔ innings). He is challenging 20 wins and an ERA in the 1-point range, and he is looking forward to becoming the fourth pitcher in history and the first foreign player to win the titles of most wins, ERA, and strikeouts. His performance so far alone has already made it into the history of outside the KBO.메이저사이트

Fielder Jason Martin and replacement foreign pitcher Tanner Turley follow. Martin survived the adjustment period and maintained his position as the number 4 hitter with a batting average of 0.296 (101 hits in 341 at-bats), 14 home runs, and 72 RBIs. Since joining in August, Tanner has 3 wins, no losses, and an average ERA of 2.37 in 5 games. There were only 4 quality starts (less than 3 earned runs over 6 innings), and the team never lost in games in which Tanner pitched, with 4 wins and 1 tie.

Domestic players are also showing great success. Son Ah-seop, Park Min-woo, and Park Geon-woo, the rifle unit that NC is proud of, are showing performance worthy of their reputation. Son Ah-seop is in the midst of competing for the batting title with a batting average of 0.341 (2nd place), while Park Geon-woo (0.315) and Park Min-woo (0.307) both have batting averages in the .300 range. They are ranked 1st to 3rd in batting average in the team.

It also supports a solid bullpen that rivals others. Kim Young-gyu (19 holds) and Ryu Jin-wook (16 holds) played the role of setup man excellently, and Lee Yong-chan maintained his position as the finisher with 23 saves. The NC bullpen ranks second in the league with an average ERA of 3.56.

NC, which beat the falling SSG, even put KT in second place within its range. As of the 11th, the lead against KT is only 0.5 games. Of course, the gap with KIA and SSG below is also narrow at 1.5 games. Every day is a continuation of an interesting war. We must pay attention to the ‘steady’ NC that will shine in this.

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