He said “I’ll go to the end of the season”… Why did Sutton put down the baton? The end of the ‘voluntary resignation’

He said “I’ll go to the end of the season”… Why did Sutton put down the baton? The end of the ‘voluntary resignation’

Even before the game the day before (27th), there was no talk of ‘voluntary resignation’ inside the Lotte Giants. But why did director Larry Sutton suddenly put down the baton himself?

Prior to this season, Lotte reigned as a ‘big hand’ in the free agent (FA) market. Lotte, which has put a lot of effort into nurturing prospects in recent years, decided that this season was the right time to aim for a postseason advance. He signed a 4-year, 5-billion-won contract with Han Hyun-hee for a 3+1-year, 4-billion-won contract. In addition, they strengthened their power by attracting players released from each club.

The effect of power reinforcement was clear. Lotte recorded a 14-8 win rate of 0.636 in April, ending its solo first place start in 10 years since 2012. And even at the end of the schedule in May, it was ranked 3rd with a 27-17 win rate of 0.614 and was competing for the top ranks. It was in June that the so-called ‘good’ Lotte suddenly began to plummet. It was as if the ‘Nightmare’ of last year came to mind.

Lotte began to decline as key players such as Ahn Kwon-soo, Noh Jin-hyeok, and Jeong-hoon began to leave the lineup due to large and small injuries. The record for the month of June was only 9-16 with an odds ratio of 0.360 (8th place). In order to somehow prepare an opportunity for a rebound, Lotte released Dan Strayley and Jack Rex from the All-Star break and recruited Aaron Wilkerson and Nico Goodrum. However, the team’s performance did not move as expected.

Even after the All-Star break ended and the second half began, Lotte continued to struggle with a 3-6 win rate of 0.256 (9th place), and in August, it was still struggling with a 9-13 win rate of 0.429 (8th place). As of the 28th, Lotte’s performance this season is 50-58, ranking 7th. As they have recently fallen into a pit of 7 consecutive losses, the gap with 5th place, which is the last line to get a ticket to the postseason, has widened to 5 games.메이저사이트

In the midst of this, manager Larry Sutton put down the baton himself. Coach Sutton was unable to direct the game due to health problems prior to the match against SSG Landers in Busan on the 17th. Coach Sutton, who had been in poor condition before the game, visited the hospital, received an intravenous injection, and arrived at the baseball field. After the media briefing, his condition did not improve. And the day before (27th), I also couldn’t play the game due to health problems.

As director Sutton continued to vacate his seat recently, some talked about ‘voluntary resignation’. However, a high-ranking Lotte official clearly drew a line about voluntary resignation and contract termination in a phone call with ‘My Daily’ the previous day (27th). He announced his position that he would take the baton again from the 3rd match of Daejeon, which will be held from the 29th. And he made it clear that he would serve his term until the end of the season, no matter what his performance.

But why did Sutton suddenly announce his intention to resign? An official from Lotte said, “After the game, he announced his intention to resign. And we had a deep discussion until this morning, and we decided to accept his intention to resign.” It seems to have come out,” he explained.

Is Sutton not in good physical condition to the extent that it is difficult to direct the current game? An official from Lotte sighed, “I had symptoms of dizziness and body aches. Somehow, the team’s performance was not good, I felt pressured, and I thought I would be a burden. I don’t think I wanted to be a nuisance to the team.” Multiple Lotte officials who contacted ‘My Daily’ were clearly embarrassed.

On the 28th, Lotte said, “Director Sutton resigned on the 27th after the game with KT and expressed his appreciation for the managerial position due to health reasons, and after careful consideration, the club decided to respect and accept Sutton’s will.” The coach will continue the remainder of the season as an acting coach.”

Lotte, who started the season with the best results, but with the possibility of advancing to the postseason becoming slim, the company with manager Sutton came to a ‘worst’ end.

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