“Because I don’t have a lot of quirks…” Oh Jae-won re-ignites conflict with Yang Chang-seop by ‘speaking and swearing’

“Because I don’t have a lot of quirks…” Oh Jae-won re-ignites conflict with Yang Chang-seop by ‘speaking and swearing’

Oh Jae-won (38), a former sports commentator who put down the microphone amidst repeated controversies, was again embroiled in gossip.

On the 23rd, Oh Jae-won openly shot Samsung pitcher Yang Chang-seop (23) on his Instagram live. It seems that there is still resentment from the two months ago when they had an argument through social media.

The match between Samsung and SSG in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on June 24th. Oh Jae-won, who was in charge of the commentary that day, raised the suspicion of beanball, saying, “This is an open hit,” and “I hate this situation the most.” He continued, “There is no way that Choi doesn’t know,” he condemned, convinced.

In response, Yang Chang-seop posted on his Instagram after the game, “Fish are always caught with the mouth. He posted a picture with the Talmud’s proverb, ‘Human being also caught by the mouth’. Although he did not mention his real name, it seemed to be aimed at Oh Jae-won, who shot himself.

Then, Oh Jae-won also confronted with a Talmud verse, and an emotional fight broke out. He left a phrase, “Fools talk about what they hear, and wise people talk about what they see.”

Oh Jae-won’s remarks did not stop here. During the broadcast of the game on the 25th, the next day, he said, “(SSG) please win today and ask for a sweep,” causing controversy over biased commentary. Due to the ongoing controversy, Oh Jae-won eventually terminated his contract with Spotify and put down the commentary.

Two months later, when the incident was mentioned again, controversy arose. Oh Jae-won said on his Instagram live, “It all started because of Yang Chang-seop,” and was angry, saying, “I couldn’t stand it because there were so many incidents overlapping because I didn’t have a lot of quirks.”메이저사이트

Oh Jae-won took a stone and said, “Even if I throw it with this, I’ll throw it better than you.” He continued, “He broke Oh Jae-won with the Talmud. The second disease.”

Oh Jae-won, who showed the 2015 Premier 12 championship ring, said, “I gave my country for the country,” and then cursed with his fingers, saying, “Changseop-ah, eat this.” His outspoken criticism and abuse towards his juniors made viewers frown.

Oh Jae-won was on the chopping block with sniper remarks even before the incident occurred. In an interview with a media outlet in the past, he criticized Park Chan-ho (50) of the ‘Korean Express’, saying, “There were not one or two players who made a fool by saying irresponsible things,” causing controversy. However, regarding Yang Chang-seop, he did not consider the player’s position and made a self-confirming remark, raising controversy.

At the time, Oh Jae-won apologized immediately after remarks about Park Chan-ho. He lowered his head, saying, “I will not avoid criticism and reprimand for this incident.”

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