Mixed martial artist Lim Kwan-woo will make his One Championship debut

Mixed martial artist Lim Kwan-woo will make his One Championship debut

22-year-old mixed martial artist Lim Gwan-woo will make his debut at the One Championship, Asia’s largest martial arts organization. The opponent will also make their One Championship debut with a matchup with Lim Kwan-woo.

ONE Friday Fights 30 will be held on August 25 at Lumpini Stadium (capacity: 5,000) in Bangkok, Thailand. Kwan-Woo Lim will face Mark Choinsky (28), the bronze medalist at the 2018-19 National Collegiate Sports Association (NCAA) 3rd division wrestling championship, in a mixed martial arts featherweight match.

ONE Friday Fights is a brand launched by One Championship in Thailand in January 2023. On Fridays, competitions with kickboxing and mixed martial arts, centering on Muay Thai, the symbol of Lumpini Stadium, are being held.

Lim Kwan-woo made his debut in mixed martial arts through a gradual recovery of daily life after the end of the Corona 19 pandemic based on his grappling skills, which he won three times in domestic jiu-jitsu competitions in 2019. It is a three-game winning streak from 2022.

His first professional mixed martial arts victory was a knee and punch TKO, and his second was a choke technique called ‘rear naked choke’. The variable is whether or not he has experienced a wrestler like TOP6 Choinsky in training for three consecutive seasons at the NCAA Division 3 National Championship.

Choinsky was called up to the U.S. Wrestling Youth National Team training four times during his high school days. Even after going to university, he was named to the national team invitational list for three consecutive years from 2015-16 to 2017-18.메이저놀이터

As a mixed martial arts fighter, he has been undefeated in 5 consecutive matches since 2020, including amateurs, and has won 4 consecutive wins since 2021. He won two wins in mixed martial arts with chokes such as the “arm triangle choke” and “rear naked choke,” and one with a ground punch following a right straight.

Since March of this year, he has been attracting attention for his sparring with Bellator bantamweight champion Sergio Pettis (30, USA).

Bellator is tied to the UFC, Professional Fighters League, and the three major mixed martial arts organizations in the United States. Choinsky expressed his determination, saying, “I want to compete against top opponents in One Championship, one of the world’s greatest competitions.”

Choinski is so confident in his wrestling-based grappling that he has given his mixed martial arts nickname as Shark. However, the fact that he will make his debut on the ‘big stage’ like Kwan-woo Lim is a variable.

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