‘Canadian signboard’ Murray will not participate in the 2023 World Cup after much consideration

‘Canadian signboard’ Murray will not participate in the 2023 World Cup after much consideration

‘The Road Warriors’ Canada can’t get along with the core of the team.

According to 『BasketNews』, Canada’s Jemal Murray (guard, 191cm, 98kg) will not participate in the upcoming 2023 Basketball World Cup.

Murray struggled with World Cup participation earlier this month. Murray’s personal thoughts are there, but the Canadian national team’s intentions are reflected. As Canada also decided to focus on player management, it was decided to work together with Murray later rather than immediately.

It’s not a simple injury, it’s a management level, so it’s not a serious issue. Murray missed the 2021-2022 season due to an injury. He returned from a knee injury and hit the court for the first time last season. His management was important as it was his first season after a serious injury. He played both the regular season and the playoffs, helping Denver reach the top. It was because of his performance that Denver was able to win the championship.

In his first season after his injury, he must have been very tired as he played all the way to the finals. Canada has also decided to consider this. With Andrew Wiggins (Golden State) and Murray missing, it was not easy to win medals. However, it still has a solid history and deserves to win the right to advance to the Olympics. At least if the final qualifying round is confirmed, we can aim to advance to the Olympics next summer.안전놀이터

Canada, which Murray chose not to board, is made up of a number of NBA players. Shay Gilgeous-Alexander (Oklahoma City), RJ Barrett (New York), Dylan Brooks (Houston), Rugenz Dot (Oklahoma City), Nickel Alexander-Walker (Minnesota), Kelly Olynick (Utah), Dwight Powell (Dallas) This is added. It is not pushed at all by any other prize nominations.

Canada selected its squad sequentially prior to the tournament. Prior to Murray, Cory Joseph (Golden State) and O’Shea Brissett (Boston) decided not to participate in the World Cup. Joseph, who has experience, and Murray, who can play an active role as the main scorer, are missing. With Murray’s departure, Canada must lead the attack with Gilgeous-Alexander and Barrett. Brooks and Dot’s defense is also greatly needed.

Meanwhile, Canada is in Group H of the first round of the finals along with France, Latvia and Lebanon in the upcoming World Cup. With Kristaps Porzingis (Boston) missing from Latvia, they are getting closer to advancing to the second round. If they make it to the second round, they will have to face Spain, who are likely to pass through Group G. From Canada’s point of view, it is necessary to win a game against France or Spain in each round to advance to the final.

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