Women’s marathon signboard Kim Do-yeon returns to Samsung Electronics

Women’s marathon signboard Kim Do-yeon returns to Samsung Electronics

‘Women’s long-distance hope’ Kim Do-yeon (30) made a surprise return to her original team, Samsung Electronics.

A track and field source said on the 15th, “Kim Do-yeon spent the entire season doing individual training as an independent, but joined Samsung Electronics’ team training earlier this month. He recently signed a formal contract.”

Initially, Kim Do-yeon sought a transfer to a local government after the contract with Samsung Electronics expired at the end of last year. I had a sympathy with a local government that was considering the creation of a new team, but the negotiations broke down due to problems with the contract procedure.

Kim Do-yeon, who has been active as an icon of the Korean women’s marathon, but spent 8 months as an independent and lost a lot. Last November she won the Seoul Marathon (2 hours 27 minutes 29 seconds) and she has already filled the standard record (2 hours 28 minutes 00 seconds) at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary this year. Her medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games was also an expected record. However, due to her long period of being independent, she missed out on both Hangzhou and Budapest tickets.메이저사이트

In the meantime, her competitor Choi Gyeong-seon (31, Jecheon City Hall) and her junior Jeong Da-eun (26, K-Water), who were sluggish due to injuries, broke the 2 hour and 30 minute barrier to get a ticket to Hangzhou. In the last 20 years, the record of less than 2 hours and 30 minutes in the women’s marathon at the Asian Games was a medal, except for the 2010 Guangzhou Games, so the track and field world was very sorry for Kim Do-yeon.

The source said, “It seems that there was a difference between the contract details he heard at first and the contents presented later in the process of transferring to the local government team. In that situation, it would not have been easy for him to join the team and return to Samsung Electronics,” he said. Samsung Electronics also accepted the request, thinking that Kim Do-yeon’s growth would contribute to Korean athletics.”

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