‘Tominaga made a big success with 20 points’ Japan overcomes the bad news of Watanabe’s injury and wins over Angola

‘Tominaga made a big success with 20 points’ Japan overcomes the bad news of Watanabe’s injury and wins over Angola

Japan, with Tominaga at the forefront, overcame the bad news of Watanabe’s injury and won against Angola.

The Japanese men’s basketball team won 75-65 in an evaluation match against Angola held at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan on the 15th.

Keisei Tominaga (20 points, 6 3-point shots, 1 rebound) from the NCAA University of Nebraska played a big role, and Yuki Togashi (13 points, 1 rebound, 4 assists) also showed off her presence.

Japan, which is preparing for the 2023 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup, showed a clear team color on this day as well. Based on wide spacing, he released the attack with a 3-point shot. Of his 60 field goals, 41 were 3-pointers. However, the shooting feeling was not good. He made 11 of 41 3-pointers. The success rate is 26.8%.먹튀검증

Even so, Tominaga’s play stood out. Tominaga, who started, scored his first points with a 3-pointer, followed by a layup with a good move. He stepped on the court in the second quarter, and showed off his good condition by hitting two outlying guns.

In the second half, he showed an amazing scene. In a corner close to the baseline, his posture was disturbed and he threw a 3-point shot and succeeded. The angle didn’t come out, but the shot went in clean. It was a scene that showed how good his shot feeling was on that day.

Tominaga’s performance continued in the fourth quarter. He received passes from Yuki Kawamura and Yudai Baba and added two more outer guns. After that, he made an additional 3-point shot that put a wedge in the game. Japan, which had a close game with Angola until the 3rd quarter, won by 10 points with Tominaga at the fore.

Meanwhile, Japan faced bad news in the second quarter. NBA leaguer Yuta Watanabe (Phoenix) suffered an ankle injury. Watanabe broke his right ankle when he stepped on an opponent’s foot while trying to break through. After falling down and complaining of pain, he got up on his own and stepped back to the bench, but he couldn’t play anymore.

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