Is Man United’s victory thanks to Oh Shim? Chief referee, VAR referee, 2R assignment excluded

Is Man United’s victory thanks to Oh Shim? Chief referee, VAR referee, 2R assignment excluded

The referee’s decision to give Manchester United victory in the opening game was a mistake.

Manchester United defeated Wolverhampton 1-0 in the opening round of the English Premier League in the 2023-2024 season held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 15th (Korean time). In the 31st minute of the second half, Rafael Varane scored the winning goal.

It was an unfortunate victory.

It was because of an error in extra time in the second half. Goalkeeper Andre Onana ran out to clear the ball from a cross and hit Wolverhampton’s Sascha Kalagic near the head. There was no penalty decision by the referee as the ball had already passed. It went through VAR, but the decision did not change.

Wolverhampton coach Gary O’Neill was warned while protesting the referee’s decision, and even after the game, he raised his voice, saying, “Our striker’s head fell off.”안전놀이터

“John Morse, head of the Premier League Refereeing Organization (PGMOL), apologized. I heard the officials say it was not a penalty, but Moss apologized for the call and said it should have been awarded.” expressed strong dissatisfaction.

The BBC also reported that “PGMOL president Howard Webb contacted Wolverhampton and admitted the mistake.”

Eventually, the Premier League officially acknowledged the mistake. According to ESPN, referee Simon Hooper and VAR referee Michael Salisbury were excluded from the referee assignment for the second round. The same goes for VAR assistant referee Richard West.

ESPN emphasized, “This is the second time that Salisbury has been excluded from referee assignments.” Salisbury also committed a mistake in the scene where Kaoru Mitoma was stepped on by Pierre-Emile Hoivier in the penalty box against Tottenham Hotspur-Brighton & Hove Albion in April. Even then, Salisbury was not assigned to play for three weeks.

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