Oh Nana’s super save, who erased De Gea’s memory, proved why he was recruited in one game

Oh Nana’s super save, who erased De Gea’s memory, proved why he was recruited in one game

Andre Onana erased memories of David de Gea in one day.

Manchester United won 1-0 in the first round of the 2023-24 English Premier League against Wolverhampton Wanderers held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 15th (Korean time).

Manchester United were overwhelmed by Wolverhampton on this day. Rafael Varane’s final header won the win, but he only looked beaten by Wolverhampton throughout the 90 minutes. Still, there were no flaws. It was because Oh Nana was there.

Onana recorded 6 saves on the day. Of the 23 shots Wolverhampton recorded, he blocked all six recorded as valid shots. Most of the scenes were intimidating, but they didn’t work for Oh Nana.

In the 55th minute of the second half, Matheus Kunya’s mid-range shot was lightly missed by Onana. Starting with this save, he overcame the crisis by blocking Pedro Neto’s shot in the 72nd minute of the second half.메이저사이트

In the 83rd and 84th minutes of the second half, even Fabio Silva’s consecutive shots were caught by Onana. It was a cannon ball shot from close range, but Oh Nana calmly kicked it.

Even after that, it was Onana who blocked Wolverhampton’s cross early using the left side and prevented it without difficulty. He did not even give a shot opportunity to Wolverhampton, even with a sharp cross by Hugo Bueno, with a diving catch.

Onana’s six saves are also the most by a Manchester United goalkeeper at Old Trafford since De Gea’s seven against Chelsea in August 2019.

Also, according to the sports statistics company “Opta”, Man United allowed the most shots since the 2005-06 season against Chelsea. Even back then, United won 1-0 thanks to Darren Fletcher’s header and Edwin van der Sar’s save. It’s like United winning 1-0 18 years later thanks to Baran’s header and Oh’Nana’s super save.

In an interview with local reporters after the match, Manchester United manager Eric Ten Haag was delighted, saying, “A clean sheet says everything.” It was the joy of the scoreless victory brought by Oh Nana.

Manchester United are eager to recruit a new goalkeeper to replace Gea, who has kept the goal for over 10 years this summer. As a result, Onana, who played an active role at Ajax and Inter, was recruited. He transferred for a contract period of 5+1 years and 47.2 million pounds (about 77.5 billion Korean won).

A new goalkeeper bought at a hefty price. However, it became a worthwhile investment in just one game. Onana put on one of the best save shows and without him, United would likely be losers rather than winners on the day.

Above all, it is even more pleasant that Oh Na-na, who is about half of his weekly salary, has performed so wonderfully after parting with De Hea, whose skills are gradually declining compared to the expensive weekly wage. Manchester United have achieved a lot in just one game.

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