Do you feel better if you get more fungo in this heat… KIA’s 10 mistakes made the steps heavy, it’s difficult for both the pitcher and the fielder

Do you feel better if you get more fungo in this heat… KIA’s 10 mistakes made the steps heavy, it’s difficult for both the pitcher and the fielder

10 mistakes.

KIA, which was on the rise by building an entire team, stagnated with 1 win and 3 losses last week. It was possible to lose only one game against LG in terms of power. However, there was some dissatisfaction in the content of the LG transmission. 1 win and 2 losses in 3 consecutive weekend expeditions against Lotte, a rival team in the 5th round, was more painful than 1 loss against LG.

KIA was 6th with a team batting average of 0.268 last week. With the trade of Choi Won-joon, Na Seong-beom, Kim Do-yeong, and Kim Tae-gun, the other lineup has a sense of stability regardless of top or bottom. In fact, before and after the All-Star break, he revealed his terrifying explosive power and made other teams nervous.

However, blows have cycles. If you know it, Choi Won-joon and Kim Tae-goon’s pace is unstable. Kim Sun-bin overcame a thumb injury and returned, but left again due to a hamstring injury just as he was about to improve his hitting. Fortunately, his condition is not serious and he is expected to return soon.

As for the starting lineup, Mario Sanchez and Thomas Panoni have slowed down a bit lately. Yang Hyeon-jong continues to be sluggish, and Lee Eui-ri and Yoon Young-cheol do not yet have enough experience to step up to the front of the starting lineup. In the bullpen, Jeon Sang-hyun came back to life in the second half, and Choi Ji-min is also recovering in August. Lim Ki-young is the most consistent. However, Jung Hae-young, Lee Jun-young, and Jang Hyeon-sik still have ups and downs, big and small.

In this way, baseball is like a creature, so it is difficult to play with the same power and strength throughout the long-term race. Large and small variables continue to occur on their own, and relativity also comes into play. Still, the general opinion is that objective power is not enough to fight the top 5. Still, the will to go higher internally is firm.

However, the part that can minimize this instability is also defense. This is because defense is a relatively controllable area with their own preparation and will. In that respect, KIA’s defensive power last week was disappointing. In four games last week, he made as many as 10 errors.

Among them, there were mistakes that had a decisive impact on the flow of the game. Starting shortstop Park Chan-ho and third baseman Kim Do-young, and in the corner outfield, show strong concentration. However, Choi Won-jun and Kim Kyu-seong in the right infield, and Socrates Brito in the outfield put cold water on the good flow of the team several times.

KIA ranks second with 65 errors this season. In fact, there are not many players who are overwhelmingly good at the same position as the starting pitcher and defensive power. However, if you know it, the overall defensive stability is okay. Based on the baseball statistics site Statties, the team ranks 4th with a WAA of 0.583. The infield batting average is also 90.18%, which is second in the league. The outfield advancing rate is also 34.9%, which is at least 3rd in the league.메이저사이트

Even so, if you run a long race, there will come a time when you lose concentration. KIA can see that it was last week. No player ever wants to make a mistake. At this time when life and death are staked on the top 5, there is no player who does not know that one defense and one base run are precious.

However, if an error is made in this heat, the discomfort index also accumulates, and pitchers must throw at least one more ball to catch an outcount. If the defense time increases, the physical strength decreases and the concentration of the batting may decrease. Regardless of whether there are 1 or 2 players, if there are many mistakes, it will eventually have a negative impact on the team. However, it is difficult to add defensive training at this time. During this period, conditioning and rest are more important than unconditional training.

If you taste the thrill of catching a game with good defense again, you can wash away the pain of last week’s 10 mistakes. Conversely, if the number of games given away by defense increases, it is difficult to expect good results even if you play fall baseball. The team that still threatens the 5th place Doosan the most is KIA.

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