Lord FC’s War of the Stars declares war on ‘Korean Naturalized Fighters’

Lord FC’s War of the Stars declares war on ‘Korean Naturalized Fighters’

“Korean naturalized fighter” Nandin Erden (36-Team Finish, Southern Yangtze Province) has declared war on “Shooto Pacific Rim Champion” Devana Shutaro (38-COBRA KAI), saying, “Don’t you have to give me the belt (if you lose)?

On the 26th, ROAD FC and LHB will host Gupne ROAD FC 065 (Anyang co-captains Choi Hong-joon and Kim Jin) at the Anyang Indoor Gymnasium.먹튀검증

Gupne ROAD FC 065 will feature the quarterfinals of the ROAD FC Global Tournament. With only two Korean fighters, Nandin Erden in the lightweight (-70kg) division and ‘Asia’s strongest’ Kim Soo-cheol (31-ROAD FC Wonju) in the bantamweight (-63kg) division, making it to the quarterfinals, there is a lot of interest in both fighters.

Striker Nandin Erden will face grappler Devana Shutaro. The two fighters’ fighting styles are polar opposites, making it difficult to predict how the match will play out. The Mongolian national boxing team member has also gained South Korean citizenship and competed in the tournament as a South Korean fighter, making her quarterfinal appearance all the more significant.

“At that time (when I first competed in Korea), I felt like a foreigner. I felt like (Koreans) looked at me as someone from another country, but now that I’m representing Korea (at the tournament), I feel comfortable and I feel like the way people look at me has changed (for the better),” Nandinerden said.

The tournament, with a prize pool of 100 million won, featured championship-level players representing their respective countries. Devana Shtaro is a ground powerhouse with a stellar resume that includes winning the All Japan Nogi Jiu-Jitsu Championships and placing second in the All Japan Dobok Jiu-Jitsu Championships at black belt.

“I have a question, since she brought her belt (to the quarterfinals), if I win, shouldn’t the championship belt come to me? If she comes to win and I lose, shouldn’t she give me the belt? Please tell her to bring her belt,” Nandinerden said in a message to Devana Staro.

Shortly after defeating Park Haejin (31-Kingdom MMA), the last Road FC featherweight champion, in the quarterfinals, Devana Staro slung the SHUTO Pacific Rim championship belt over his shoulder and celebrated his victory. Nandinjerden, who also has his eyes set on the Shooto Pacific Rim championship belt, is looking forward to the showdown.

Meanwhile, Gupne ROAD FC 065 will be broadcast live on TV on Spotify starting at 1 p.m. and online on Daum Sports, Kakao TV, and Africa TV.

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