“Shouldn’t you be playing baseball in this kind of weather?” Summer heat makes even 152-win legends tongue-in-cheek

“Shouldn’t you be playing baseball in this kind of weather?” Summer heat makes even 152-win legends tongue-in-cheek

“Shouldn’t we be playing baseball in this weather?”

KT Wiz manager Lee Kang-cheol talked about the sweltering weather in an interview before the game against the Doosan Bears of the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Friday.

The heat wave has been sweeping across the country recently, with the maximum temperature in Seoul reaching 35 degrees on the day. Lee Kang-cheol, a legendary pitcher with 152 career wins, also commented on the unusual heat. “I don’t think we should be playing baseball in this weather,” he joked as he looked at the scorching grounds.안전놀이터

“Yesterday, Yeo Byul-seong also said that his vision was blurred when he came in after the first inning,” Lee said. “He said it was a little difficult at first. But he got better as he played. I’ve been on the field for a while now, and it’s really too hot.”

Wes Benjamin, who started the game, played in Texas, a state known for its scorching sun, during his major league career. When Benjamin said he wasn’t worried about the heat, Lee laughed, saying, “Benjamin is in his second year and he’s already acclimated to Korea.” “Alford is also a Korean player now. Last year, he was able to hit balls over 150 kilometers per hour, but now he can’t even go over 148 kilometers per hour. When I asked him why, he said that he had adapted to the Korean style. Last year, he couldn’t hit the ball because it was too slow, but now he can’t hit the ball because it’s too fast.”

Despite the sweltering weather, KT’s starting pitchers have continued to pitch well. During the seven-game winning streak, KT starters have won every game they’ve pitched. Manager Lee Kang-cheol said, “When other starters are doing so well, you want to match them and pitch well. It makes you feel less pressure and more nervous at the same time. In terms of exclusions, I thought it would be difficult yesterday because I threw 80 pitches in the third inning, but Geary threw until the sixth inning and gave up only two runs. So the bullpen is just getting the guys out and the rest of the guys are just resting,” he said, pleased with the performance of his starters.

“In the first two months of the season, I think it was just injury briefings, but now it’s different, so I’d rather have injuries early on,” said Lee, whose team has won seven straight games to move up to third in the league. “We have to keep winning while we can. We don’t know when something will happen again,” he said, vowing to continue the winning streak.

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