‘Enterprise-Ginseng, Hyundai-GS’ Cup Quarterfinals Complete… Supreme Wraps Up ‘First Win’

‘Enterprise-Ginseng, Hyundai-GS’ Cup Quarterfinals Complete… Supreme Wraps Up ‘First Win’

With the semifinals already set, invitee Supreme Chonburi (THA) avoided the threat of a sweep and achieved the ultimate victory.

Supreme Chonburi defeated IBK IBK in straight sets 3-2 (25-23, 27-25, 25-14, 18-25, 15-8) in the women’s group stage of the Gumi Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Tournament 2023 at Park Jung-hee Gymnasium in Gumi on Wednesday.

It was the first full-set match of the tournament and the final match of the group stage. Against the quarterfinalists, KEB Hana Bank, Supreme was looking for its first win of the tournament.

In the first set, with KEB taking the lead, Supreme pounced on the attack of Darin Pinsuwan and Malika Kantong. With Yuk Seo-young and Pyo Seung-joo at the forefront, IBK held on for the first set, but soon surrendered the lead. After tying the score at 22-22, they allowed their opponent to serve for the set. Supreme took the first set 25-23.메이저사이트

Supreme continued their momentum in the second set and pulled ahead. Darin Pinsuwan’s timed kill and Plumjit’s fastball made it a double-point game. Two consecutive points from Yuk Seo-young ignited the chase. Four points from Pyo Seung-joo changed the game.

With the help of Bumseul and Pyo Seung-ju’s onslaught, IBK tied the score at 20-20. A deuce battle ensued. In the last minute, Kim Ha-kyung scored on her serve to tie the set.

In the third set, backup players Lim Hye-rim, Park Min-ji, Kim Yoon-woo, Kim Jung-ah, and Kim Chae-won were given the opportunity to take on the Supreme. The chase was not as intense as in the previous set. They dropped the first set to Supreme by a fairly large margin.

In the fourth set, the lineup remained unchanged, but Park Min-ji came up big. She made a series of open attacks to extend the lead to four points. Kim Hyun-jung and Lim Hye-rim supported her. The fourth set was won by IBK 25-18.

The fifth and final set was won by the Supreme, who took a steady lead, 15-8, to clinch the tournament.

In the first match of the day, GS Caltex defeated Heungkuk Saengsim in straight sets 3-0 (25-19, 25-19, 25-17).

As a result, Hyundai E&C took first place in the group stage with three wins, followed by Ginseng Corporation, IBK, and GS Caltex with two wins and one loss each, Road Corporation, Heungkuk Life Insurance, and Supreme with one win and two losses, and Pepper Savings Bank with three losses.

The semifinals of the Cup, which will be held on April 4, have also been finalized. Group A champion Hyundai E&C and Group B runner-up GS Caltex will meet at 3:30 p.m. on April 4, while Group A runner-up Insam Corp. and Group B champion IBK will face off at 7 p.m. the same day.

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